Blockchain and cryptography services for business and organizations

Intellectual property

Our main expertise is intellectual property protection of any type of content for businesses and organisations, using public and private customised blockchains and timestamping technology.

Culture and creative Industries

Innovaetica is also specialized in the development of blockchain and timestamping solutions in the fields of music, arts, fashion, design and scientific research.

Governements and NGOs

Innovaetica offers tailored blockchain solutions to governments, NGOs and public institutions.

Tailored blockchain solutions

Innovaetica can develop tailored solutions using public blockchains, private customised blockchains, smart contracts and digital timestamping technologies.


About Innovaetica

Innovaetica SRL is an Italian company established in December 2012, with a strong expertise in blockchain, cryptographic technologies and AI. Our core team consists in 9 international professionals in the fields of blockchain, cryptography, AI, web development and UX/UI.

We help companies and organisations develop tailored blockchain solutions, in any area of application. Our main expertise is intellectual property protection through public blockchain, private customised blockchains and digital timestamping. The projects developed by Innovaetica have been awarded several national and international prizes.

Prizes and achievements

Winner of H2020 SME Instrument - Open Distruptive Innovation
Winner of the "Inventing the future" prize
Winner of the "Fund for Creativity" Prize
Selected among top 100 startups by European Business and Innovation Network

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